A creative cultural research organization, rooted in Indian civilizational consciousness.

Our Intent:

Advance cultural belonging through visual and literary content, and by enabling creators.

Build a culture-compatible public policy, through policy research and frameworks.

Shape civilizational leadership with curriculum, courses and learning pathways.

We work to design the self-perpetuating civilizational moment: a moment that gives form and continuity to our collective yearning.

We believe that a collective yearning now converges. A civilizational moment is upon us. So the time for perpetuation is Here and Now.

What’s New

  • Thanjai Big Art

    Register now for an art contest from Thanjavur - a name that instantly evokes our glorious cultural heritage. Registrations open till 31st August.

  • Registrations for Karnataka - Batch 2 NOW OPEN!

    We're overwhelmed by the interest shown for Karnataka chapter. To respond to this, Batch 2 of Bṛhat Anveṣī will take the same circuit and itinerary as Chapter 1.

    Travel Dates- 30 Sep to 4 Oct.

  • Bṛhat Open Library

    New this week at the Open Library brings in some important works. Make sure to consume these. 

    Hindu Dharma
    Future of Mankind
    Wisdom of the Ancient Seers
    Geography of the Puranas

    Explore Dhīti – our Blog

    indian civilizational consciousness
    Amritanshu Pandey

    On Indian Civilizational Consciousness

    A short essay on this Independence Day, that re-examines the meaning of "Indian civilizational consciousness" from the dhātus.

    Jash Dholani

    How To Best Live? Answers From Ancient India

    How to live life best has always been the human pondering. Here’s the right answer- Puruṣārtha, or the four aims of life.

    Fractal Mandala
    Amritanshu Pandey

    The Fractal Maṇḍala, Part 1

    The Fractal Maṇḍala is Indian civilizational consciousness: multi-level coherent. Here we draw from Indian macrohistory to evidence this.

    Review of Ante Sundaraniki
    Anshuman Panda
    Kavita Krishna Meegama

    A Review of Ante Sundaraniki

    A Review of Ante Sundaraniki, the second piece in our cultural reviews of Indian cinema, puts the Telugu film 'Ante Sundaraniki' under lens.


    Our Ongoing Work

    online learning
    Leadership Development


    Online learning program, currently studying works of Shri Ram Swarup, a Firekeeper of Civilization.

    Culture Creatives


    Human emotion and the fundamental aesthetic experience, explored through video and audio.

    rta in design

    Ṛta in Design

    Dhārmika design thinking, with principles and methods to prepare the creator's intent.

    Bṛhat Open Library

    Yeoman's service by Bṛhat, building an online repository of Indian knowledge.

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