• Critical Addition to the Bṛhat Open Library

    A growing collection of articles, essays, papers and findings relevant on the AI/M/T issue, with a focus on giving due shelf-space and representation to facets not acknowledged or understood in the mainstream.

  • The Second Course in Bṛhat Draṣṭā is Here!

    Introduction to Shri Sita Ram Goel

    We are delighted to open enrollments for the 2nd course in our Firekeepers of Civilization series at Bṛhat Draṣṭā. A 7-session course introducing the works of Shri Sita Ram Goel.

  • A Vital Learning Program from Our Partner - The Vedic Pond


    We are happy to bring you our online offering: Arogyam - Embracing a Nature-Aligned approach to Health & Well-being

    FOR - Children and early teens (10-15-year olds)

    WHEN - Tues & Fri from 27th Sep.(16 sessions)

    To imbue awareness about body and mind to promote a conscious & holistic life, that is anchored in spirituality, in young impressionable minds.

  • Heritage Art Contest from the Land of Living Chola Temples

    Thanjai Big Art Contest

    Take out your canvas/papers and paint your thoughts on the themes given by Thanjai Big Art. Once done, mail it to them!

  • Second Batch, Same Itinerary

    Bṛhatanveṣī Batch 2, Karnataka

    We're overwhelmed by the interest shown for Karnataka chapter. To respond to this, Batch 2 of Bṛhat Anveṣī will take the same circuit and itinerary as Batch 1.

  • Bhārata is a Multi-Level Coherent Civilization

    Fractal Maṇḍala

    The Fractal Maṇḍala is an initiative of research, exploration, expression and furtherance of Indian civilizational consciousness.
    Find here essays describing who we are, schemas to reconnect with our past, and more.


    ontichis (2)
    History is Ontic but Itihāsa is Ontologic - a Fractal Maṇḍala Essay
    In this essay we engage in emic freethinking, and look at some names from Indian itihāsa in a new light. How many such stories might we find in the Purāṇas, Epics and other texts? And if we did, would we not understand our past better?
    decolfeat (1)
    Colonial Alienation and the Making of Docile Bodies
    Why do Indians display cultural and historical amnesia regarding their own past? What historical processes have led to the situation where we must constantly feel stunted by a “deeply implanted sense of degradation and inferiority"?
    aghors (1)
    Towards Understanding the Aghorī Paramparā - Part 1
    The first article in this three part series takes a comprehensive and detailed look at the Aghorī-s. The second article debunks and counters certain baised and ignorant narratives made notorious by various news, and entertainment channels/ organizations. The third article, albeit shorter, promises to be interesting as it deals with his personal experience and how he got the insider’s knowledge of this...
    The Problem of Culture Transmission
    Tradition is the bedrock on which civilization stands and culture flourishes. And tradition is that which continues. But how exactly does it continue? How is it transferred to the next generation?

    Bṛhat is a culture engine
    to power creatives, research and design
    rooted in the Indian civilizational consciousness.

    We convert individual, institutional and collective
    intent into action, across three dimensions.

    A convergence of collective yearning is upon us.
    We are in the midst of a civilizational moment.

    But such moments come once in a thousand years.
    The time to convert moment to epoch is Here and Now.

    Ongoing Work

    • Bṛhadmṛdaṅga


      The fundamental human aesthetic experience, explored through visual and poetic content. Videos, posts, audio clips and more.

    • Bṛhat Draṣṭā

      Bṛhat Draṣṭā

      An online learning program to develop civilizational svayaṃbodha and śatrubodha. Currently learning Shri Ram Swarup.

    • Ṛta in Design

      Ṛta in Design

      Ṛta in Design is a new framework for design thinking, centred on the mind of the designer. Inspired by universal principles of Dharma.