• Scrolls of Āryavarta
    Visions of a Bhārata that once was, and some of those that could have been.
  • There is a place.
    It lies outside of space and time as we know it,
    but many of us have been there. Some visit it often.
    It lies in that cultural mid-space so distant yet ever palpable.
    Hive mind. Race memory. Blood bond.
    We may call it many things, but we know it best when we see it,
    and it feels warm and familiar...as if a memory we once lived.
    Perhaps we did, is it not?
    For a countless times before have you been here
    and a countless times I.
    You there, in one incarnation you were a master of mantra.
    You wrapped meaning into syllable and metre.
    And you? A pioneer of tilled grain you were.
    Your hard, seasoned hands fed a civilization.
    Another among us was quite a daredevil,
    boldly he grabbed that ancient, wild bull by the horns
    the first to do so.
    And yet another was there,
    trekking beside the primal cheftains
    as Bhārata emerged from the caves and spread through the lands.
  • We can access this place, outside of space and time though it lies.

    In images and words, in sounds and vistas,
    In streams of imagi/memory that can flow through us...
    The Scrolls of Āryavarta is a project to celebrate, express and engage in this shared lore-
    The dhārmika lore.

    A calling to all who imagine the Bhārata that once was, or Bhāratas that could have been.
    We commence this endeavour through a collaboration with The Emissary.