Investor Update

Entrepreneurial journeys are lonely, and lonelier still when the endeavor is cultural. Cultural initiatives are fundamentally different to commercial or even social enterprises. The outcomes that a true cultural endeavor envisions is in the realm of ‘thought’. This ‘thought’ however undergirds everything else – it determines values, attitudes and behaviors. The combination of values, attitudes and behaviors in turn determines social cohesion, economic growth, national integrity and civilizational sustenance.

Identifying and supporting these 2nd and 3rd order consequences of cultural work requires a macro vision. The ability to look beyond the immediate horizon and a commitment to the long term interests of the multitude. Such individuals and institutions are rare and this hampers risk taking and innovation in this critical area.

Bṛhat was started with a keen understanding of this risk but a confidence that if we do our work well, the leaders in society will respond. We have had our apprehensive moments but we remained optimistic.

We are humbled to inform of our first institutional investment supporter, one who holds a macro vision of long term civilizational work – Sarayu Foundation Trust.

A Brief from Sarayu Trust:

Sarayu Trust is a non-profit charitable organization with a purpose to work for ‘reclaiming and rebuilding the Indian Civilization.’

Such an audacious goal necessarily demands working across decolonizing the Hindu mind, documenting Indian Knowledge System, grassroots activism, fighting court battles, delegitimizing monotheistic and Abrahamic superiority, retelling our history, influencing government policy, building theory for a Hindu Rajya, finding healthy representation in media, and so on.

SangamTalks, a project to document and spread Indic ideas, was born out of this mission. It remains our premier project towards achieving this purpose. Serendipitous events and chance meetings with people have led us to get actively involved in some more projects in line with the stated purpose above.

Access to funds remains one of the biggest challenges in the development of a Dhārmika ecosystem. Organizations and individuals are unable to bring out their best with constant financial constraints.

For some years Sarayu Trust has been financially supporting individuals (academics, activists, researchers) as well as organizations that appear well-aligned with our stated purpose and mission. This is where Sarayu Trust is committed to playing an even more active role in the years to come.

-Sarayu Trust

“We hope to become an organization offering fellowships to Dhārmika individuals to pursue projects that inspire them as well as create a seed fund for organizations with Dhārmika missions.”
President, Sarayu Foundation Trust

Bṛhat is grateful for this show of support. It provides not just a bit of runway to continue our creative foray but the act of trust gives us confidence in ourselves.

We look forward to partnering with Sarayu Trust to advance the urgent work of our civilizational reclamation through culture building.