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The Aryan Issue

The Aryan Issue is a growing collection of articles, essays, papers and findings relevant on the AI/M/T issue, with a focus on giving due shelf-space and representation to facets not acknowledged or understood in the mainstream. 

Ancient Cattle Genomics

Verdugo et al.

About The Aryan Issue

Special Gratitude to:

Shri Shrikant Talageri ji, who has single-handedly won the debate, and has generously agreed to have his works posted here. His blog.

Shri Ashish Kulkarni, who is fighting the good fight on the frontlines of primary research in genetic matters, and who also consented to have his primary essays fronted here. His work is found here.

The ShoebillStork, with the handle @TrueShoebill on Twitter, who has been running an unsung yeoman service for a long time.

At Bṛhat, we see history as being salient to civilization, just as memory is salient to consciousness.

And by history we mean not just the trivia of events and sequences, but the very processes of history making and civilizational emergence. It is core to a sense of self and identity. The distortion of history is a consequential and egregious ploy in the agenda to distort a civilization’s sense of self. When we speak of colonization, we are keen in pointing out that an important aspect of our colonized national psyche is an internalized false narrative about our past. This narrative is not static — its specific conclusions often change and its goalposts shift, but the overall intent to make us doubt our own past, reconsider our own nativity, and blur our conceptions of our forefathers.

One core dimension of this agenda is the matter of Aryan invasion/migration, and multiple revisions in the theories that re-formulate them more as “ trickling-in” or even as “tourism”. The theory itself a corollary from the question of ‘proto-Indo-European’ (PIE) origins and dispersal. This is a vast field, whose birth was in the 18th century with the rise of Comparative Linguistics (CL) as a legitimate academic discipline. Among the many distortions and misrepresentations this minefield is laden with, two of special concern are claims that:

– The Out of India (OIT) model of PIE origins and dispersals is built atop pseudoscience with no real evidence in its favor.

– The current consensus is based on a rigorous, well-proven theory which we dismiss out of misplaced national sentiment at best.

Partly to refute these false allegations, but largely to continue our intent to construct and maintain a repository for all texts relevant to the Indian civilization and its knowledge systems, we have dedicated here a special section in our Bṛhat Library to the Aryan issue.

This will be a dynamic, continuously growing collection of articles, essays, papers and findings relevant to the AI/M/T issue from all discipline, with a focus on giving due shelf-space and representation to the OIT model(s). In line with the need to have both svayaṃbodha and śatrubodha, we will also feature works by key proponents.

To traverse such a complex landscape is neither a quick journey, nor does it lend itself to easy navigation without guidance. To this end, we have also added a basic walkthrough.

We will continue to add to this collection, and if you wish to suggest pertinent and relevant literature and scholarship on the matter, whether papers, works, or writers that should be featured in this repository to build its volume along with its credibility and comprehensiveness, please write to us at

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