Schools of Thought

At Bṛhat, we set big goals. And to achieve them we need to build on the foundation built by our great sages and scholars. We draw our vitality from some very important and select ‘Schools of Thought’ which define our identity, inform our views, and guide our actions. These schools of thought come together in the ways in which we think and create and in the ways we seek to guide policy to culture. We seek to forge a unique path of culture-conducive policy in Bhāratavarṣa by building on the inspiration from these schools.

These schools are:

Swami Vivekananda’s School of Hindu Renaissance

Sri Aurobindo’s School of Bhavānī Bhāratī

Voice of India School of Śatrubodha

Dharampal School of Svayaṃbodha

School of Political Traditionalists

School of Cultural Traditionalists

School of Arthanomics

School of Conscilience

School of Narrative Non-Fiction