Author name: Bṛhat

Colonial Alienation and the Making of Docile Bodies

Why do Indians display cultural and historical amnesia regarding their own past? What historical processes have led to the situation where we must constantly feel stunted by a “deeply implanted sense of degradation and inferiority”?

Towards Understanding the Aghorī Paramparā – Part 1

The first article in this three part series takes a comprehensive and detailed look at the Aghorī-s. The second article debunks and counters certain baised and ignorant narratives made notorious by various news, and entertainment channels/ organizations. The third article, albeit shorter, promises to be interesting as it deals with his personal experience and how he got the insider’s knowledge of this rare and much misunderstood tradition.

The Problem of Culture Transmission

Tradition is the bedrock on which civilization stands and culture flourishes. And tradition is that which continues. But how exactly does it continue? How is it transferred to the next generation?

T. S. Eliot’s Conception of Culture

Cultures across the world produce seekers and seers who bring home the truth. In India, this process is a living tradition. In other places, we have a rare T.S. Eliot who breaks the hold.

S. Radhakrishnan on What Makes Art, Science and Religion Work

On this Teacher’s Day, we scope some views of the man behind the legacy. His wide range, his exposure to Western civilization, his own readings of Dharma- these gave to Shri Radhakrishnan a unique view, a distinct voice. Art, intuition, science – he had insights on all.

Cosmic Memory

Fleetingly we sense it, that deeper connection. Like a microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. A cosmic mystery out there, of which we have intuition. Springing from seed, back to seed. Nivedita’s poem here invokes this mystery.

Decolonization: A Personal Footprint and Some Ramp Ways

In the noise that words with wide circulation receive, their representation is often distorted. ‘Decolonization’ is one such word. Here we share a personal footprint as the writer looks back at his earliest memories, and outlines some essential ramp ways we all can use.