Cosmic Memory
Fleetingly we sense it, that deeper connection. Like a microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. A cosmic mystery out there, of which we have intuition. Springing from seed, back to seed. Nivedita's poem here invokes this mystery.

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By Nivedita Tiwari

Nivedita has worked extensively in the Indian television industry, building experience in hosting and curating content on digital fora. Her art and heart are in a humble pursuit of truth, beauty and the Sanātana Dharma. At Dhīti she contributes her poetry, and catch her also on Bṛhadmṛdaṅga.

What is this memory
which comes from deep,

of the ocean once churned
where the elements leap?

What truth is born
in its cosmic sweep?

Why do I carry
this seed of time?

Immeasurable to the mind
but it feels like mine.

Have I never
and always been here?

Am I the seen?
Am I the seer?


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