Kāśī at Night
A short poem that perfectly captures Varanasi, and evokes the almost mystic feel it can overtake you with when there.

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By Nivedita Tiwari

Nivedita has worked extensively in the Indian television industry, building experience in hosting and curating content on digital fora. Her art and heart are in a humble pursuit of truth, beauty and the Sanātana Dharma. At Dhīti she contributes her poetry, and catch her also on Bṛhadmṛdaṅga.

Ashort poem on Kāśī (Kashi)

From this side of the boat,
a city rises against the mist,

the eternal wanderer’s abode,
who holds the universe in his fist,

it has watched come and go,
the time wrapped around his wrist.

Many arrive here finally
and laugh at the abandoned list

of desires, regrets and sins.
The ones who persist,

know that the body stays here,
the river witnesses the tryst,

between the being and the becoming
of which everything and nothing exists.


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